I’ve published two mystery stories—

  • Virus
    • During the 2004 World Series, a sportwriter grows obsessed by the idea that his new Arab neighbors (who seem perfectly nice to his wife) are plotting to blow up Fenway Park.
  • Caller ID
    • An ambivalent call center representative tries to save an undeserving doctor from identify theft.

—and three linked stories about the Fischermann family:

  • The Ice Shelf
    • Months after his wife Ingrid’s death, Cornelius Fischermann falls through thin ice on a swift river and must decide whether to go on living, himself.
  • The Kinsman Ridge
    • Driving his overweight son up a mountain trail, entrepreneur Carl Fischermann wonders if the doggedness that helps him in business is a liability in family life.
  • The Ghost of Christmas Future
    • Visiting her boyfriend’s family on Christmas Eve, the future Millicent Fischermann suffers an attack of cold feet.